Visualizing Instructions for Physical Training: Exploring Visual Cues to Support Movement Learning from Instructional Videos


Instructional videos for physical training have gained popularity in recent years among sport and fitness practitioners, due to the proliferation of affordable and ubiquitous forms of online training. Yet, learning movement this way poses challenges: lack of feedback and personalised instructions, and having to rely on personal imitation capacity to learn movements. We address some of these challenges by exploring visual cues’ potential to help people imitate movements from instructional videos. With a Research through Design approach, focused on strength training, we augmented an instructional video with different sets of visual cues: directional cues, body highlights, and metaphorical visualizations. We tested each set with ten practitioners over three recorded sessions, with follow-up interviews. Through thematic analysis, we derived insights on the effect of each set of cues for supporting movement learning. Finally, we generated design takeaways to inform future HCI work on visual cues for instructional training videos.

Alessandra Semeraro
Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden
Laia Turmo Vidal
Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden


会議: CHI 2022

The ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (

セッション: Video for Learning

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