Paracentral and near-peripheral visualizations: Towards attention-maintaining secondary information presentation on OHMDs during in-person social interactions


Optical see-through Head-Mounted Displays (OST HMDs, OHMDs) are known to facilitate situational awareness while accessing secondary information. However, information displayed on OHMDs can cause attention shifts, which distract users from natural social interactions. We hypothesize that information displayed in paracentral and near-peripheral vision can be better perceived while the user is maintaining eye contact during face-to-face conversations. Leveraging this idea, we designed a circular progress bar to provide progress updates in paracentral and near-peripheral vision. We compared it with textual and linear progress bars under two conversation settings: a simulated one with a digital conversation partner and a realistic one with a real partner. Results show that a circular progress bar can effectively reduce notification distractions without losing eye contact and is more preferred by users. Our findings highlight the potential of utilizing the paracentral and near-peripheral vision for secondary information presentation on OHMDs.

Honorable Mention
Nuwan Nanayakkarawasam Peru Kandage. Janaka
National University of Singapore, Singapore, Singapore
Chloe Haigh
National University of Singapore, Singapore, Singapore
Hyeongcheol Kim
National University of Singapore, Singapore , Singapore
Shan Zhang
National University of Singapore, Singapore, Singapore
Shengdong Zhao
National University of Singapore, Singapore, Singapore


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