Gaming for Post-Work Recovery: The Role of Immersion


Playing digital games can be an effective means of recovering from daily work strain. However, limited research has examined which player experiences contribute to this process, limiting the ability of players to select games and play them in a manner which helps them recover effectively. Hence, this paper reports a mixed-methods survey study investigating how a recent post-work recovery episode was impacted by immersion: a player experience which has been implicated in theoretical accounts relating games and recovery. We found that particular dimensions of immersion, such as cognitive involvement, support specific post-work recovery needs. Moreover, participants report not only experiencing benefits in a passive manner, but actively optimising their levels of immersion to achieve recovery. This study extends previous research by improving our understanding of how digital games support post-work recovery and by demonstrating that immersion is key in determining the restorative potential of digital games.

Jon Mella
University College London, London, United Kingdom
Ioanna Iacovides
University of York, York, United Kingdom
Anna L. Cox
University College London, London, United Kingdom


会議: CHI 2023

The ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (

セッション: Games beyond Gaming

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