Dance and Choreography in HCI: A Two-Decade Retrospective


Designing computational support for dance is an emerging area ofHCI research, incorporating the cultural, experiential, and embodiedcharacteristics of the third-wave shift. The challenges of recognisingthe abstract qualities of body movement, and of mediating betweenthe diverse parties involved in the idiosyncratic creative process,present important questions to HCI researchers: how can we effec-tively integrate computing with dance, to understand and cultivatethe felt dimension of creativity, and to aid the dance-making process?In this work, we systematically review the past twenty years of danceliterature in HCI. We discuss our findings, propose directions forfuture HCI works in dance, and distil lessons for related disciplines.

Honorable Mention
Qiushi Zhou
University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Cheng Cheng Chua
The University of Melbourne, Parkville, VIC, Australia
Jarrod Knibbe
University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia
Jorge Goncalves
The University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia
Eduardo Velloso
University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia




会議: CHI 2021

The ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (

セッション: Design and Bodily Action

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