Vinci: An Intelligent Graphic Design System for Generating Advertising Posters


Advertising posters are a commonly used form of information presentation to promote a product. Producing advertising posters often takes much time and effort of designers when confronted with abundant choices of design elements and layouts. This paper presents Vinci, an intelligent system that supports the automatic generation of advertising posters. Given the user-specified product image and taglines, Vinci uses a deep generative model to match the product image with a set of design elements and layouts for generating an aesthetic poster. The system also integrates online editing-feedback that supports users in editing the posters and updating the generated results with their design preference. Through a series of user studies and a Turing test, we found that Vinci can generate posters as good as human designers and that the online editing-feedback improves the efficiency in poster modification.

Shunan Guo
Tongji University, ShangHai, China
Zhuochen Jin
Tongji University, Shanghai, China
Fuling Sun
Tongji University, Shanghai, China
Jingwen Li
Intelligent Big Data Visualization Lab, Tongji University, China, Shanghai, China
Zhaorui Li
Tongji University, Shanghai, China
Yang Shi
Tongji College of Design and Innovation, Shanghai, China
Nan Cao
Tongji College of Design and Innovation, Shanghai, China




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The ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (

セッション: Computational Design

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