Too Hot to Handle: An Evaluation of the Effect of Thermal Visual Representation on User Grasping Interaction in Virtual Reality


Influence of interaction fidelity and rendering quality on perceived user experience have been largely explored in Virtual Reality (VR). However, differences in interaction choices triggered by these rendering cues have not yet been explored. We present a study analysing the effect of thermal visual cues and contextual information on 50 participants' approach to grasp and move a virtual mug. This study comprises 3 different temperature cues (baseline empty, hot and cold) and 4 contextual representations; all embedded in a VR scenario. We evaluate 2 different hand representations (abstract and human) to assess grasp metrics. Results show temperature cues influenced grasp location, with the mug handle being predominantly grasped with a smaller grasp aperture for the hot condition, while the body and top were preferred for baseline and cold conditions.

Virtual Reality
Grasping Metrics
Hand Tracking
Hand Interaction
Andreea Dalia Blaga
Birmingham City University, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Maite Frutos-Pascual
Birmingham City University, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Chris Creed
Birmingham City University, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Ian Williams
Birmingham City University, Birmingham West Midlands, United Kingdom




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