Embedding a VR Game Studio in a Sedentary Workplace: Use, Experience and Exercise Benefits


Many people, especially those in sedentary occupations, fail to achieve the recommended levels of physical activity. Virtual reality (VR) games have the potential to overcome this because they are fun and also can be physically demanding. This paper explores whether a VR game studio can help workers in sedentary jobs to get valuable levels of exercise. We studied how 11 participants used our VR game studio in a sedentary workplace over 8-weeks and their perceptions of the experience. We analysed the physical exertion in the VR game studio, comparing this to their step counts from a smartwatch. All participants achieved valuable levels of physical activity and mood benefits. Importantly, for 6 participants, only with the VR game studio did they meet recommended activity levels. Our key contributions are insights about the use of a workplace VR game studio and its health benefits.

Head-Mounted Display
Virtual Reality Game
Sedentary Workplace
Soojeong Yoo
University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Phillip Gough
University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Judy Kay
University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW, Australia





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